About Our ISO Consulting Company

 SimpleQuE has been an industry leader in ISO consulting, auditing, and training for over 18 years. By continually upholding its mission to provide simple, effective, and customized solutions, they have guided more than 1000 organizations toward implementing and maintaining their quality and environmental management systems.


The founder of simpleQuE Inc. is the former president and chief operations officer of EAGLE Registrations, the world’s #1 certification body (as rated by Quality Digest). He is also a former owner of ACLASS Corporation, an ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation body that is now owned by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Other team members have worked for various certification bodies to bring a unique perspective and expertise for certifications to specific ISO-based standards.  We stay focused on our core areas of expertise, not trying to do everything for everyone, so we can truly be experts to provide the greatest value to our clients and partners. This has allowed us to achieve US market share of:

  • 6.0% of all IATF 16949® certified companies
  • 1.3% of all AS9100 certified companies
  • 2.6% of all AS9110 certified companies, and
  • 1.2% of all AS9120 certified companies as clients.

simpleQuE Inc. focuses on eliminating noise, wasted resources and myths about what is necessary for third-party certification, and we can quickly identify what needs to be done. There are many ways to meet the requirements, and we target only the areas where gaps truly exist.

We also help interpret the various industry jargon, intent and expectations – along with the requirements – so that anyone can understand them. Quite simply, we are the most efficient way to get your company certified… and the most knowledgeable about how to stay certified.

Our consulting experts have been on all sides of the table as auditors for registrars, former management reps, business owners, and former quality managers. We truly understand the standards and their intent so you don’t overburden your company in its compliance to the standards on a daily basis.

We practice what we preach being ISO 9001 certified, putting into practice our simple, practical approach.


Our Core Values

  • Focus on satisfying the customer
  • Strive for simplicity, efficiency and sustained value
  • Eliminate waste and activities not contributing to the customer’s objectives
  • No standard solutions for our customer’s unique cultures
  • Excel in service and commitments
  • Assure honesty, openness, and respect in all relationships
  • Abide by all laws and perform in an ethical manner.


Many companies tend to overcomplicate ISO. This image of the tree and roots is what we use to illustrate companies trying to achieve certification or those that realize it shouldn’t be difficult and cumbersome but need help to simplify their existing ISO management system.

Those companies struggle below ground in the tangled ball of roots, dealing with chaos and confusion. We help our clients see above ground to the beautiful, thriving tree.

When you implement ISO correctly, you have a practical, value-added management system that is maintainable as an integrated part of the business. If you choose to go with cut-and-paste solutions you will find yourself in the misunderstanding and chaos, which can’t be managed and maintained year after year.

We help our clients implement simple, maintainable systems – which is in our name that stands for “Quality Excellence Made Simple”.

Helping WRWP Get Certified

“simpleQuE has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff of auditors and consultants that ensure their clients receive what they need in the time frame they need it. Each of the three consultants we worked with showed keen analytical acuity, positive project management skills and great flexibility. They came as agreed and developed an understanding of our objectives and expectations, then helped us put both plan and actions into place ensuring we achieved our goals on time. I would definitely recommend simpleQuE for any business wishing to improve their Quality Management system.”

- Eddie Werner, WRWP, LLC