AS9018 – What Is It And Who Does It Apply To?

What is AS9018 and who does it apply to?

The AS9018 standard – “Aerospace Customer Identified Major Quality Management System Nonconformity Other Party Collaborative Corrective Action Process” was published in October 2021. This is an Americas-only standard, currently used by the DCMA (US Department of Defense) to get the 3rd party Certification Bodies (CB’s) involved with the close-out of major findings from the DCMA against a defense contractor, with tracking and visibility of closure through the OASIS database. 

AS9018 only applies to those companies that are AS91XX certified and a defense contractor with DCMA oversight.  This could also be used by other agencies like the FAA to get 3rd party certification bodies aware and involved with customer issues.  There is already a process in place within OASIS for customers to raise awareness and concerns with an AS91XX certified supplier, so the certification body can investigate.  This new standard formalizes the process to utilize CB’s to close out findings for the DCMA.

Note that AS9018 is not intended to address QMS nonconformities classified as minor or nonconformities related to the products or services provided by an AS certified company.

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