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Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance supports over fifty airlines around the world, and offers the largest global portfolio of Rolls-Royce engines for lease, while also providing sale and leaseback finance to their customers for CFM, Pratt & Whitney and GE spare engines.  They help aircraft leasing companies extract the maximum residual value of their engines as a purchaser and lessor of their installed engines as well as provider of used engines for exchange.  As a close partner to engine repair shops, they help by reducing the costs of their services through used parts recycled from their inventory of engines.

The Parts Trading team of Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance is the business division for distribution. They needed to achieve AS9120 (EN9120) certification as an important step for engine and engine parts distribution, as it emphasizes part traceability while proving a dedication to quality systems and customers.  They also needed to achieve ASA-100 accreditation at various warehouses around the world.  The pandemic hit, Brexit was forthcoming, and the timeline was extremely short to accomplish the goal.

Rolls Royce and Partners Finance
Rolls Royce and Partners Finance working

simpleQuE Advantage:

With two consultants, SimpleQuE was able to help Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance (Parts Trading) achieve their AS9120 (EN9120) certification in London.  Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance (Parts Trading), along with four other warehousing sites in the UK, Germany and Hong Kong also achieved ASA-100 accreditation with simpleQuE’s consulting assistance.  ASA-100 is structured to provide those companies which sell parts, supplies and or material for installation on civil aircraft with a quality system to satisfy the requirements outlined in the FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 00-56 Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program.

All was accomplished in 11 weeks, which points to the robust systems and processes already in place, but also to the excellent experience and project management from SimpleQuE.  SimpleQuE continues to provide annual internal audits to maintain the QMS. Learn more on how the simpleQuE Advantage can help your company...


ArgonST (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company) operates as a Department of Defense and commercial contractor providing engineering design, manufacturing and sustaining product support. Their designs, goods and services include electronic, electro mechanical, wiring and interconnects, complex chassis and systems integration for autonomous and manned platforms performing in a variety of environments.

This ArgonST site needed outside consulting assistance to help them get upgraded from AS9100C to AS9100D on a short timetable, along with internal audits.

ArgonST A Boeing Company Logo

"The help and assistance provided by simpleQuE was instrumental in making our surveillance and transition audit to AS9100:2016 happen. The support we received during the Gap Analysis and our internal audit prior to the registrar audit positioned us to be successful."

-Keith R. Johnson, Quality Engineer, ArgonST (Boeing)
ArgonST A Boeing Company Headquarters

simpleQuE Advantage:

Our aerospace expert consultant followed simpleQuE’s four-step consulting approach, beginning with a gap analysis and action plan.  As part of simpleQuE’s process, a different internal auditor was utilized to have the customer experience the pressure of a new auditor, and to prove out the consultant’s work with the customer.  SimpleQuE assigned an aerospace auditor who also performs AS9100 audits for a certification body, so ArgonST’s personnel experienced being fully audited to the new standard and were well prepared when the certification body came in.  The results were a successful upgrade, to the short timeline, with passing results.  SimpleQuE was brought back the subsequent year to perform their internal audit again. Learn more on how the simpleQuE Advantage can help your company...


Allied Motion at Dothan and Dayton design and manufacture electrical motors, actuators and motorized devices.  These precision and specialty motion control components and systems are used in a broad range of industries worldwide.  With expertise in electro-magnetic, mechanical and electronic motion technology, Allied Motion’s primary target markets are the Vehicle, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics and Industrial markets.  Their customers include end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

With its multiple quality and environmental management system certifications, Allied Motion demonstrates their commitment to the continual improvement of customer satisfaction, the environment and providing a work environment that is conductive to the safety and wellbeing of its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners and the surrounding communities. Since 2005, the scope of work for Globe Motors has been to perform their internal audits to ISO 9001, IATF 14949, AS9100, and ISO 14001.


“Your efforts played a vital role in our success.”

-Steve Strickland, Corporate Director of Quality

“Kudos to Karen and Greg for a value added audit this week at our Dayton Facility.  They thoroughly audited to 4 standards and found many areas that need to be addressed prior to our 3rd party audits.  They displayed both professionalism and industry/standards expertise while utilizing well developed audit and people skills to drive down to objective evidence.” 

-Chad Bryan, Value Stream Manager
Allied Motion 190308

simpleQuE Advantage:

We provided full consulting assistance to get them certified to each of these standards, along with training in these standards. In addition to upgrading four sites to the new ISO, IATF®, and AS standards, we have helped simplify documentation, processes, and procedures and performed training and audits. We conducted semi-annual internal audits for up to four standards for the following 14 years. Learn more on how the simpleQuE Advantage can help your company...


Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. provides metal stampings, wire forms and high quality drawn wire to many industries throughout the world. Since 2012, simpleQuE has provided consulting assistance to help them achieve initial AS9100 certification.


“SimpleQuE brings knowledge, experience and insight with each visit. They have made a tremendous improvement in our quality system through audits, consulting and training. I frequently recommend their services to colleagues.” 

-Howard Burton, Ken-tron Mfg

simpleQuE Advantage:

SimpleQuE continues to perform Ken-Tron’s quarterly internal audits since 2012, and provided consulting assistance to help them achieve initial AS9100 certification. SimpleQuE provides a variety of consulting and training in addition to audits, as needed. Learn more on how the simpleQuE Advantage can help your company...

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