Configuration Management

Instructor: RABQSA certified lead auditor with registrar experience

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Course Overview:

The new AS9100:2009 Rev. C has expanded the definition and requirements for Configuration Management. This course has been designed as an overview for the new and expanded requirements to give the attendee a basic understanding of the AS9100:2009 Rev. C requirements. The knowledge and understanding gained from this course will help all those companies that are planning to become AS9100:2009 Rev. C certified as well as those preparing for an upgrade.

Course Agenda:

  • Review of the new AS9100C definition for Configuration Management
  • The purpose and value of having a Configuration Management process and its impact on your customers and end users
  • Overview of the 5 expanded steps for implementing a Configuration Management process
  • How Configuration Management interfaces with other AS9100C quality management system requirements

Learning Objectives:

  • A better understanding and appreciation for Configuration Management.
  • Understanding the purpose and value for Configuration Management.
  • Improved knowledge of the steps in a Configuration Management Process
  • Knowledge and understanding of what is required to implement and maintain Configuration Management in compliance with your AS9100C quality management system
  • Helping to prepare companies for AS9100C certification and upgrade