Statistical Process Control with Minitab Software

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Statistical Process Control Course Overview:

This Statistical Process Control course is designed to teach you the theory as well as the practical Statistical Process Control applications using Minitab software.  A 30 day Minitab trial software is provided with the course for each attendee.

Course Agenda:

Basic Charts and Improvement Techniques

Histograms, Run Charts, Pareto Charts

Types of data

Categorical, Numerical, Discrete (or attribute),Continuous (or variable)

Basic Statistics

Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Understanding Standard Deviation, Normal curves, Evaluate Minitab outputs as they relate to basic statistics

Control Charts for variables

Common and special causes of variation, Control Chart Theory, Establishing X-bar and R charts, Using x-bar and r charts to monitor production

Process Capability

Specification limits versus natural limits of process output, Process Capability indices Cp, Cpk, Short term variation versus long term variation, Pp, Ppk

Special Variable Control Charts


Analyzing Attribute Data

Binomial Distribution, p and np charts, c and u charts

Measurement Assurance

Measurement Variation, Accuracy and Precision, Repeatability and Reproducibility, Gage R&R

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the foundation theory and SPC tools for analyzing data and improving your company
  • Learn how to use Minitab software as a tool in analyzing data

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