AS9100 Standards Major and Minor Nonconformances for 2019

AS9100 NCRS Click on the chart to see the full image of AS91XX Major and Minor Nonconformances by clause.

Top 10 AS9100 Standards: Major and Minor Nonconformances

These top 10 minor/major combined findings from 2019 for all the AS91XX aerospace standards (AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120) were collected from certification body audits in the Americas sector.  This data from the IAQG-OASIS database represents about 50% of the global AS91XX certifications. 

  1.  8.5.1 Control of production and service provision
  2.  10.2.1 Nonconformity and corrective action (most number of major NCRs)
  3. Measurement traceability
  4.  8.4.3 Information for external providers
  5. Control of externally provided processes, products and services – General
  6. Control of documented information
  7.  8.4.2 Type and extent of control for external providers    
  8.  9.2.2 Internal audit 
  9.  7.2 Competence
  10.  8.4.1 Control of externally provided processes, products and services – General 

During 2019, a total of 17,184 nonconformances were written (15,298 minor and 1,886 major).  


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