ASA-100 Rev 5: What’s Changed & How To Comply

SimpleQuE ASA-100 Rev 5 Updates

ASA-100 Rev 5 has arrived! This means all ASA-100 accredited aircraft parts distributors must do the following to upgrade their system to the new revision, before July 1, 2020, or your next annual ASA audit (whichever is first):

  • Get a free copy of the ASA-100 Rev 5.0 standard.  Understand what has changed with this helpful redline document showing the changes between Rev 4 and Rev 5.  There is also an ASA presentation summarizing the changes and the impacts.
  • Get a free copy of the ASA-100 Rev 5.0 self-audit checklist.
  • Determine what needs to be changed or updated in your ASA-100 compliant system.
    • Perform an internal audit using the new checklist. SimpleQuE can perform this audit for you if you need help.
      • Write internal findings to any gaps and close out the findings with corrective actions.
    • All companies must update their quality manual to address the changes in requirements.
      • Any changes to the quality manual require a submission to ASA for approval.
    • ASA wants you to make a statement of compliance stating you are in compliance with Rev 5.0 and have updated your quality manual prior to your next audit or July 1, 2020, whichever is first.
  • Complete your next annual audit with ASA to upgrade your accreditation to ASA-100 Rev 5.0.
  • If you are ISO 9001 or AS9120 certified, you should also show in your management review the review of the ASA-100 changes and have a record showing that management reviewed and had an opportunity to weigh in on the changes and determine whether any further actions are necessary.


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