ASA 2021 Webinar AS9145 APQP PPAP

ASA 2021 Webinar by Jim Lee, President of simpleQuE

The aerospace industry has published AS9145 – the aerospace version of Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), along with a maturity model. The automotive industry has long used these tools, and AS9145 even references the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) core tools. simpleQuE President, Jim Lee, provides a detailed overview, including where to obtain free material, tools, and training for further understanding of AS9145 and its adoption by the Space, Aviation, and Defense Industries. This 45-minute presentation introduces APQP and the big picture of why aerospace customers are imposing and formally flowing down the supply chain these requirements.

Video Overview
• Provide APQP Understanding
• Show who has begun asking for APQP & PPAP
• Show relation between Aerospace APQP and the Automotive APQP, and all its components
• Provide sources of free information, tools, and training
• Share benefits and best practices

Templates and Examples From Video

ASA-AS9145 APQP PPAP Training (PowerPoint Slides)

APQP Maturity Level Questionnaire Rev B (Excel)

DFMEA Template (Excel)

GRR Template Attribute Gauge Short Method (Excel)

GRR Variable Gauge Template (Excel)

PFMEA Template (Excel)