Gap Analysis

We perform a thorough gap analysis to identify what needs to be implemented or changed.  With our expertise, we help identify where you’re already in compliance and target only those areas that need work. Part of our job with the gap assessment is to educate you on how you already comply with the systems you already have.

The result of the gap analysis is a thorough road map of each task that needs to be accomplished.  This becomes an excellent project management tool to assure the project is completed on time.  We have tools to assess timing expectations against other companies so we can show your management team whether their timing expectations are realistic or not for the resources available.

A gap analysis is ideally performed at the beginning of the implementation process, but could also be performed later as a pre-assessment or readiness audit prior to certification.  The difference with a consulting company performing your gap assessment, pre-assessment, or readiness audit versus the Certification Body or Registrar is that the consultant can coach and consult when problems are found.  The Certification Body or Registrar auditors can’t consult and their gap assessment can’t count as an internal audit for certification.

All of our clients use our gap analysis or gap assessment as internal audit evidence. We also meet with your management team to share the gap assessment results.

SimpleQuE has the certified resources to support:
ISO 9001 (general manufacturing and service)
IATF 16949 (automotive)
AS9100, AS9120, AS9110 (aerospace)
ISO/IEC 17025 (laboratory)
ISO 14001 (environmental)
OHSAS 18001 (safety)

Our resources are all over the US and around the globe. Contact us to see if we have local support.