Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supplier Audits & Supply Chain Risk Management

SimpleQuE has the audit expertise and U.S. supplier quality resources with proven industry experience to perform a variety of supplier audits, corporate audits and assess supply chain risk management.

Whether you need help with problematic supplier assessments, sourcing evaluations, ongoing supply chain strategy assessments and audits, ongoing risk management of the supply chain, or corporate quality audits – simpleQuE can deliver with global resources to manage costs.  Our supply chain audits and corrective actions drive supplier development and can identify risks to your company.  We can also assist in the monitoring and closeout of corrective actions, and overall supply chain risk analysis.  Along with monitoring, we can work with you on measures of effectiveness.

With supply chain and supplier quality experts from Fortune 100 companies, we have the expertise to help you evaluate and manage your supplier risks. We’ve worked for many law firms under an attorney-client privilege to help assess and resolve supplier quality issues and internal issues.


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Performing Corporate Internal Audits

We also perform corporate internal audits to provide greater value than less-skilled internal staff. Let us quote the outsource of your corporate audits.

Our audits often go beyond ISO and Good Manufacturing Practices, to include: safety, performance, environmental, social responsibility, ethics, risk and hazard analysis, resource capabilities, capacity, technical competency, new product development capabilities, financial stability, and more.  We can help develop your audit protocols.  Our assessments and audits are a way to proactively minimize risk versus reactive firefighting.

SimpleQuE has a global support structure to minimize expenses, with national experts that speak the language and understand the culture.  Our services can include training and supplier development.


simpleQuE - Quality Excellence Made Simple


“SimpleQuE developed an understanding of our objectives and expectations then helped us put both plan and actions into place ensuring we achieved our goals on time. I would definitely recommend SimpleQuE for any business wishing to improve their Quality Management system.” Eddie Werner, Quality Manager – Western Reserve Wire Products (WRWP)


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