Aviation Suppliers Association 2018 Annual Conference June 23, 2018

Date: June 23, 2018

Auditor Training:

This training teaches third party aerospace and ISO auditors how to understand and audit operational risks in the aerospace standards (AS9100D and AS9110C) versus risk management in the ISO 9001 and AS9120B standards. Examples for what is acceptable or not for third party audits will be reviewed and discussed. The IAQG desired third party auditor emphasis on auditing risk as emphasized in clause 8.1.1 for all of Operations activities outlined in clause 8 will also be covered. This training emphasizes the issues and risks the aviation, space and defense customers see from their suppliers and sub-tier suppliers as it relates to product safety, counterfeit parts, obsolescence, awareness and communication of SR/CI/KC (special requirements, critical items, and key characteristics), flow downs to suppliers and sub-tier suppliers, supply chain risk management, human factors, and ineffective change control. With an added awareness of the aviation, space and defense customer risks and issues, third party certification body auditors are better prepared to dig deeper into the industry risks and issues to create better value for all affected.

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