Aviation Suppliers Association 2019 Annual Conference – ASA Auditor Training

Workshop: ASA Auditor Training

The 2019 Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) auditor training workshops cover various topics of interest affecting AS and ISO auditors.  The following agenda items and workshop exercises were presented by Jim Lee, president of simpleQuE.

  1. IAQG points for certification body auditors: Aviation, space and defense industry lessons learned
    • data analysis and outcomes matter
    • utilization of special requirements and critical items
    • upstream versus downstream auditing
  1. Industry supply chain audits
    • Missile Defense Agency Supplier Audit Results compared to CB’s audits
    • DCMA
  1. How to audit additive manufacturing
  2. Human factors in root cause analysis
  3. Cyber security threats
  4. Auditing for counterfeit parts risks
  5. And other training presentations and workshop results provided to ASACB auditors.

ASA Auditor Workshop: PDF Presentation and Handouts Available For Download


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