Muncy Corporation


Muncy Corporation ISO/TS 16949, IATF 16949®, ISO 9001 Case Study

Muncy Corporation, based in Springfield, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of specialized fabricated assemblies for the heavy truck, specialty vehicle and locomotive markets.  Founded in 1946 Muncy Corp. custom designs and manufactures window regulators, door modules and door assemblies for more than 200 global customers and have more than 500 OEM parts. Their customers include several major companies in the heavy truck industry and they have received numerous quality awards from their Tier I customers.


Companies often struggle to get their internal audits completed for a variety of reasons. A big one is keeping auditors trained and qualified with turnover. Another is just making internal audits a priority to get scheduled, get completed, then documenting the audit in a report, and writing any findings to get assigned, etc.  Even more complicated is keeping on top of all the Customer Specific Requirements (CSRs) and their constantly changing needs, which are above and beyond the standard requirements. Sometimes it helps having an outside expert communicate on the QMS expectations and needs.



Muncy’s Quality Manager explained, “We don’t live and breathe the standard like your auditors do, including the CSR requirements.” He added, “Then we contacted simpleQuE, who utilized past certification body auditors. SimpleQuE does an excellent job with their internal audits: Very thorough; providing assistance; developing systems to meet the requirements; giving guidance; and we’ve never had a problem with auditors. They’ve all done a great job.  Not only do I like simpleQuE’s audit reports, our certification body auditors do too."

"SimpleQuE knows the standards like the back of their hands and pointed out things ahead of time to avoid write-ups by the certification body. SimpleQuE auditors did an excellent job keeping us focused on what is necessary and what the CB would look at - Avoiding a lot of write-ups. We rarely get any, " stated Muncy’s Quality Manager.

Since 2007, simpleQuE has worked alongside the quality team at Muncy to provide internal auditing, training and consulting services based on the business objectives of the company.



Muncy Corporation maintained ISO/TS 16949 certification for 7 years during which simpleQuE conducted quarterly internal audits. SimpleQuE later assisted Muncy in upgrading to IATF 16949®.  “SimpleQuE helped out with implementing the AIAG core tools. We still use their tools and templates. As the Quality Manager at this company of about 60 employees, SimpleQuE helped take a lot of burden off of me and my supervisor, as an outside expert that could help push and educate on requirements.” Over time, Muncy decided ISO 9001 certification with MAQMSR compliance was more appropriate for their business and for serving their customers.

Muncy Corporation has had simpleQuE perform internal audits since 2007 to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and IATF 16949®.  “Muncy Corporation had several choices when selecting a consulting firm to assist us in achieving ISO/TS 16949 certification.  I believe our choice was well-founded. I wish to thank simpleQuE for your unrelenting efforts, professionalism, and commitment to our success.  Your knowledge of our business and the standard from ISO 9001 to ISO/TS 16949 made our transition painless,” stated Muncy’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

SimpleQuE continues to support Muncy Corporation with semi-annual internal audits, including audits of CSRs, and annual internal audit schedules, along with coaching and guidance to maintain their robust quality management system.

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