Powder Processing Technology ISO 9001 Case Study

Utilizing ISO 9001 to maintain quality

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC’s professionals have assisted the top materials technology companies around the world for over 30 years and has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1998. The company performs process development and contract manufacturing on a wide range of powders including ferrite, ceramic and inorganic chemical powders, and has a fully equipped pilot plant as well as multiple production areas specializing in spray drying, calcining and firing. Applications include fuel cell materials, electronic materials, metal oxide catalysts, refractory materials, solar cell materials, ceramics & lithium-ion battery materials.


PPT uses the formulas and processing parameters provided by its customers and/or develops the formulations and processing parameters of the products produced for customers. Therefore precise process control is necessary to meet high quality standards. For that reason in 2012, PPT brought in simpleQuE to conduct its quarterly internal audits.

Kenneth Bartelt, president, said, “PPT is a small technology company which places significant weight on its quality management system and which needs to ensure its valuable and limited technical resources are focused on customer requirements and our ability to deliver results.”


simpleQuE matched PPT to auditor/consultant, Don Milinkovich, whose 34 years in the chemical manufacturing business made him the right fit. Regarding the benefits of working with an experienced auditor, Bartelt said, “Don is an experienced and personable consultant who has delivered meaningful audits and provided relevant expertise. Our audits have been at the right level of detail and have made a significant contribution to the business. The performance from simpleQuE has been such that the registrar’s representative and auditor have been very complimentary of the service simpleQuE has performed.”

In the case of PPT, the commitment to maintaining quality standards is evident and practiced from the highest level of management to their plant workers.


These internal audits have reinforced the objectives of PPT to maintain high levels of service and customer satisfaction while utilizing the principles of ISO 9001 to incorporate continual improvement into its business practices.

“We consider the quality system to be part of the fabric of our management system and simpleQuE has added a critical component to that system,” added Bartelt. “I think that simpleQuE has a practical approach to quality management that is effective and efficient.”

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