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Tips for performing effective quality audits and support from simpleQuE’s certified auditors for internal audits, gap analysis, supplier audits, certification readiness and verification audits.

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Maintaining Your QMS and ISO Certification

May 13, 2022

Achieved ISO 9001 Certification, Now What? Now that you have achieved ISO 9001 certification, you must maintain your Quality Management System (QMS) and make improvements. It is more important now, that the QMS doesn’t fall apart. Internal ownership by the process owners must be maintained, and buy-in needs to continue past the initial certification audit.…

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Auditing checklist using a process approach

33 Questions for Auditing – Utilizing a Process Approach

February 18, 2022

ISO 9001 Process Approach Auditing These questions for auditing utilize a process approach. Whether facing a surveillance audit from a certification body or preparing for an internal quality audit – knowing what you face and being prepared puts you a step ahead.  Process-based audits are tools companies can use to evaluate the effectiveness of their…

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The risks of performing your own internal audits vs. the opportunities of outsourcing

Preparing for Your Internal Audit – Points to Consider to Minimize Risk

February 2, 2022

The beginning of each new year is a good time to take a look at your internal audit process and how well you are monitoring your company’s performance. Do you have a robust audit process? Here are some points to consider to minimize your risk. To prepare for your internal audits, do your auditors have…

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How Will AS9104/1A Affect Companies That Are AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 Certified?

January 14, 2022

AS9104/1A was published on 01/07/2022 and is titled, “Requirements for Certification of Aviation, Space, and Defense Quality Management Systems”.  (The previous version of the standard was published in 2012.) This standard includes major revisions and covers the entire certification process and the requirements for: Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies (CBs) and their auditors, Audits and reports,…

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Ken-Tron Manufacturing – An ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification Case Study

December 7, 2021

SimpleQuE’s client case studies provide insight into a company’s motivation to become AS, IATF or ISO certified, the challenges they faced, and the solutions to successfully achieve and maintain Quality Management System (QMS) certification. Background Founded in 1960, Ken-Tron Manufacturing, Inc. is a metal stampings and drawn wire company located in Owensboro, Kentucky.  In 1995…

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How to Evaluate Supplier Quality and Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Suppliers

November 23, 2021

This article offers advice on evaluating supplier quality, warning signs that should raise red flags, and questions to ask when choosing suppliers. We exist in a globalized environment where supply chains span the entire world, which increases the importance of evaluating our supply chain risks and establishing processes and systems to evaluate and monitor those…

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Muncy Corporation – A Case Study on Maintaining a Sustainable Quality Managment System

November 15, 2021

Maintaining a Sustainable Quality Management System (QMS) PROBLEM FACED James Geron, Quality Manager, of Muncy Corportation emphasized, “The biggest problem we had was getting people to do internal audits, because we don’t live and breathe the standard like your auditors do. It was a logistics nightmare for me and the rest of the company to…

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How effective is remote auditing?

How Effective is Remote Auditing for Managment Systems Certification Audits?

September 28, 2021

How effective is remote auditing for management systems certification audits?  To answer that question, the German Society for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS), a global certification body, surveyed 5000 IAAR clients and more than 500 auditors in 2019.  DQS is a member of the IAAR (Independent Association of Accredited Registrars) which is a consortium…

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Top IATF 16949® Audit Findings And How To Address Them In The QMS

May 20, 2021

Top IATF 16949® Audit Findings & How To Address Them In The QMS The last of our automotive series looks at the top IATF 16949® audit findings and how to address them in the company’s quality management system (QMS). Data and internal measures are compiled and analyzed by most every organization within the automotive supply…

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Using Automotive Manufacturing Process Audits to Focus on Value and Maximize Improvements

April 27, 2021

  Automotive Manufacturing Process Audits: What They Are and How To Maximize Improvements A manufacturing process audit is an audit of the manufacturing (and manufacturing support) activities.  According to IATF 16949 section this audit must include all manufacturing shifts, include evidence of shift handover, and include APQP output such as FMEAs and Control Plans. …

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