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Jen Briese, simpleQuE consultant, presents a plaque to the quality team at Filtech Inc for achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 certification.

SimpleQue Congratulates Filtech Testing Division on ISO 9001 Certification

June 2, 2023

Congratulations to Filtech Testing Division on ISO 9001:2015 Certification! Jen Briese, simpleQuE consultant, presents a plaque to the quality team at Filtech Inc. for achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 certification. Based in Western Pennsylvania, Filtech has been servicing, testing, and providing certifications for hoods, cleanrooms, and containment systems for more than 50 years. Founded by…

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ITI Engineering recognized by simpleQuE for AS9100 certification

ITI Engineering – an AS9100 Certification Case Study

March 31, 2023

ITI Engineering – The challenges and solutions to attaining and maintaining AS9100 certification ITI Engineering is AS9100 certified and specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative software, hardware and engineering solutions to support aerospace training, mission planning, debrief and maintenance. When ITI was founded in 2003 it was a small company of 12 employees…

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ISO Annual Meeting 2022 - Discover

Key Highlights From the ISO Annual Meeting 2022 – Standards as the Accelerators of Change

September 27, 2022

Explore Global Challenges and Discover the Potential of Standards as Accelerators of Positive Change At the 2022 ISO Annual Meeting held last week, we learned the global market for standards continued growing at approximately 5% on average over recent years (even during the global pandemic). Standards exist in a dynamic environment where multiple driving forces…

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The Number 1 Question to Ask When Selecting a Certification Body

September 16, 2022

What to know about your Certification Body and Accreditation When selecting a Certification Body (CB) to oversee your company’s Management System certification, it’s really important to ask if they are accredited by an International Accreditation Forum (IAF) recognized Accreditation Body (AB).  You may be surprised to learn that there are organizations that are not. SimpleQuE’s…

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Where Documented Information is Required in a Quality Management System

July 13, 2022

  Where Documented Information is Required in ISO 9001 Where the ISO 9001 standard historically used terms like “quality manual”, “document”, “documented procedures”, and “records”, ISO 9001:2015 now uses the term “documented information” (clause 7.5) to collectively refer to it all. Clause 7.5 provides guidance while allowing flexibility in the way organizations can choose to document…

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simpleQuE Blog - Maintain QMS

Maintaining Your QMS and ISO Certification

May 13, 2022

Achieved ISO 9001 Certification, Now What? Now that you have achieved ISO 9001 certification, you must maintain your Quality Management System (QMS) and make improvements. It is more important now, that the QMS doesn’t fall apart. Internal ownership by the process owners must be maintained, and buy-in needs to continue past the initial certification audit.…

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ISO 9001 certification - Changing the Standards for Higher Education

ISO 9001 Certification is Changing the Standards for Higher Education

August 27, 2021

  ISO 9001 certification is changing the standards for Higher Education.  More than 1 million organizations and companies worldwide understand the benefits of being ISO 9001 certified, and that includes a growing number of educational institutions.  The 2020 Survey shows that in the Education Sector 12,309 ISO 9001 certificates have been issued worldwide. Standardization…

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CertSearch – a New IAF Database of Certified Companies

August 13, 2021

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has created CertSearch – a new global database resource to verify accredited management system certifications.  IAF is the worldwide association of accreditation bodies whose members represent 83 government and semi-government accreditation bodies and industry associations from around the world.   IAF collects data from 69 Accreditation Bodies and 1,155 Certification Bodies…

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Customized Onsite QMS Training for Internal Auditors, Process Owners, and Your Quality Team

July 13, 2021

  SimpleQuE makes QMS training simple and convenient with our customized, on-site training, because we bring the instructor to you. Topics include training for:  Internal Auditors with the Process Audit Approach, Root Cause Analysis and Problem-Solving, Implementation and Full Standard Reviews, Process Ownership, Core Tools and more!   The training is conducted by our experienced technical…

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SQ Quality Connection Infographic

Infographic – The Quality Connection

March 19, 2021

To understand the connection between the organization, consulting company and certification body when establishing a quality management system,  read our blog – The Quality Connection.

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