VEGA Americas – Where Quality and Measurement go Hand in Hand

From left:  Ron Foltz, Manufacturing Manager; Bob Herbst, QC Technician; John Kronenberger, COO; Gretchen Lisi, Quality Manager; and Nickie White, RIG Champion.

VEGA Grieshaber KG is a global manufacturer of process instrumentation. Its product portfolio includes sensors for measurement of level, point level, pressure as well as equipment and software for integration into process control systems.  Its subsidiary, VEGA Americas, focuses on the design, manufacturing and servicing (including Radiation Safety Training) of Nuclear Measurement Systems.  The facility also manufactures, tests and services the full range of VEGA Measurement Systems.

Because quality and measurement go hand in hand, VEGA has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997. When the company needed to transition to the new standard, they utilized the expertise of simpleQuE quality consultant, Don Milinkovich, to conduct a gap analysis.  Following an action plan to close any gaps, VEGA Americas achieved ISO 9001:2015 recertification through Eagle Certification Group.   Congratulations to the VEGA team where they know how to Run, Improve and Grow (and even have a designated champion just for that purpose)!

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Wonder Machine Achieves New Heights with AS9100D

Wonder Machine Services, Inc. is a fully integrated precision CNC machining company founded in 1976 in Avon, Ohio. The company serves a wide array of industries including medical, aerospace, and automation and is focused on satisfying their customers by manufacturing high quality products that meet their needs. To achieve this, each employee is committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Their recent transition to AS9100D (Aerospace) and ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates their commitment to quality. With the assistance of simpleQuE consultants, Jen Briese and Jim Lee, they passed their SAI Global certification audit with no findings.  Congratulations to the team at Wonder Machine!

Diesel USA RTC – Where Quality is Turbocharged

From Diesel’s founder’s beginnings in 1950 through today, the Diesel group of companies has developed close relationships with the world’s leading OEM diesel component manufacturers.  Providing superior technical knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and a vast range of inventory to help commercial and consumer diesel owners get their equipment up and running quickly and dependably is Diesel’s main goal.  In 2014 the “Diesel USA Reman Technical Center” became the newest branch in the Diesel USA Group where they produce remanufactured technical components including turbochargers and mass rebuilding of any other product that fits in the company’s scope while continually improving Diesel’s Quality Management System.

Diesel USA RTC has maintained an ISO 9001:2008 certificate since 2014 and recently passed its ISO 9001:2015 transition audit with Smithers Quality Assessments. Congratulations!

SimpleQuE Attends NQAs Teaming Conference

IMG_0061SimpleQuE’s program manager, Shirley Kennedy is attending NQA’s teaming conference in Orlando, FL. Today’s session imparts an indepth understanding of the Automotive Standard, IATF 16949:2016 with a clause-by-clause review so simpleQuE can share the latest information from NQA’s experts. According to Steve Barnes, Aerospace and Automotive Operations Manager, transitioning to the new standard will take some time as there are more than 200 changes, some of which are significant.

“NQA offers a series of in depth training sessions for consultants and auditors that provide a foundation to support their clients across a variety of standards, including IATF 16949”, says Christi Friedrichs, Director of Business Development at NQA. “We bring consultants and auditors in from around the world to provide a global venue of experiences, lessons learned, and important information regarding changes and transitions within the standards. These interactive sessions provide not only the latest information, but also an environment for attendees to share experiences across industry sectors”, she said.

ISO 14001 Certified Organizations Help Celebrate America Recycles Day

waste recycling, reuse, garbage disposal, environment and ecology concept - close up of hand holding green recycle symbol

Today we celebrate America Recycles Day, part of the Keep America Beautiful national initiative. It is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States, which is currently at a rate of 34.5%. But as a nation, we can do better.

According to the National Recycling Coalition, the day is dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products, thus consuming less of our precious and limited natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint and waste that is deposited in landfills.  Recycling also avoids the pollution associated with extraction of raw materials and their processing into finished products. While it’s important to raise awareness among individuals, it’s also critical for organizations to promote recycling and environmentally healthy practices, which is at the core of ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 certified organizations understand the important role they play in supporting and participating in these types of initiatives because they are focused on measuring and improving on their environmental impact every day. They understand the benefits of implementing an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO standards because of the benefits which include:

  • The reduction of environmental liability
  • Averting pollution and reducing waste
  • Improving community goodwill


Observances like America Recycles Day are important to these certified organizations because it aligns so closely with the hard work they put in to earn their certification. It is also an opportunity for ISO 14001 certified organizations to engage with their community and promote environmental citizenship and responsibility. Companies that hold this distinction are often sought out for new business opportunities as it is a key differentiator to those looking for environmentally responsible service providers. It truly sets them apart from their competitors that are lacking the ISO certification.

Many of these certified organizations maintain their standard of excellence by recycling paper, cardboard, metals, wood, plastics and actually utilizing recycled materials; by reducing waste and water consumption; and by participating in electronics collection drives and other similar methods that contribute to maintaining their certification. All of which are part of the America Recycles Day initiative.

For more on ISO 14001 and its effect on the environment, read our blog “How Does ISO 14001 Impact The Environment.”