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Conformance to MAQMSR helps a lower-tiered supplier transition to IATF 16949® by allowing many of the key automotive requirements to be met while developing the remainder of the QMS. The ultimate goal of the supplier development process is to achieve 3rd party registration to IATF 16949®.  It is important to note that the customer determines the path and steps, so approval must first be obtained before proceeding.  The suggested steps of supplier development referenced in IATF® are as follows:

  • Certification to ISO 9001 through 3rd party audits
  • Certification to ISO 9001 + compliance to MAQMSR through 2nd party audits* (suppliers who did not achieve the upgrade transition may consider this) – SimpleQuE’s certified auditors are qualified to perform these compliance audits for you.
  • Certification to ISO 9001 + compliance to IATF 16949® through 2nd party audits*
  • Then finally certification to IATF 16949® through third-party audits.

To receive the MAQMSR Letter of Compliance, your company must be audited by a second party like simpleQuE. Before that takes place, you want to do everything necessary to ensure you are prepared. To help with the compliance process, simpleQuE’s consultants will work with you, using our automotive experience and expertise along with our tools and processes to prepare you for the compliance audit.

Our Gap Analysis identifies what needs to be implemented or changed based on the extent to which a company already complies with its current systems. The gap assessment then serves as an action plan, listing each task to be completed. A valuable project management tool, it allows the company to assess its own timing expectations based on the resources available. The gap analysis can serve as a readiness audit, enabling our consultants to coach and consult when problems are found.

Our Auditors can conduct a full audit, evaluating every aspect of your business: every function, every process, every product or service. Our team of automotive experts has experience from all sides, including auditing for certification bodies to prepare you.

Our Customized On-Site Training is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization.

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Benefits of MAQMSR Compliance Certificate

Having the MAQMSR Letter of Compliance provides your company with a variety of benefits. When properly implemented, it creates a more efficient, effective operation for a company while it improves employee awareness and motivation, and increases customer satisfaction.

Here are some additional reasons to get certified:

  • Meet Client Requirements – More and more customers are demanding that their vendors be certified. If your business doesn’t meet these criteria, you could be losing out on sales.
  • Increase Revenue – Studies show that certified organizations are paid 7% more on average, and have better sales growth and an improved ROA. (source:
  • Reduce Waste – By establishing the rigor of a Quality Management System, you can reduce inefficiency and make the most of your business’s time and resources.
  • Monitor Brand Image – Maintaining quality in your organization minimizes the chance of a slip-up or error that could hurt your reputation.
  • Manage Risk – By adopting these standards, you will learn how to best identify and mitigate threats to your business model.

Most importantly, as your company grows, becoming certified will be vital to fostering continued success in the future.

Helping Cyber with Certification

“SimpleQuE brings all the technical knowledge you need, the experience you expect, and, most importantly, uses both to provide simple solutions to very complicated problems”. – Pete Sturmfels, Cybex International

The simpleQuE Advantage

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Whether you have a management system in place or are just developing one, understanding the requirements and having an experienced consultant or auditor by your side is key. Our team members have third-party auditing experience, industry-related work experience, and firsthand knowledge of what is required to pass a certification assessment and maintain certification.

The experts at simpleQuE can keep you on track with their simple, customized approach – “Quality Excellence Made Simple”.

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