Maintaining Your IATF 16949® Quality Management System

Sometimes, companies are certified but struggle to maintain and improve their quality management system, or just need to update the knowledge and skills of the quality team.  SimpleQuE can help with customized training, resources and continuous improvement initiatives.  In addition, outsourcing IATF 16949® internal audits provides a fresh perspective that not only gives opportunities for improvement but also meets the standard’s requirements and prepares an organization for 3rd party surveillance audits.

Some companies need help understanding and complying with additional Customer Specific Requirements above and beyond IATF 16949®.  SimpleQuE can help there too, from CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) audits, to AIAG and VDA core tools, to 2nd party supply chain audits for compliance to MAQMSR or IATF 16949®.  The automotive experts at simpleQuE can keep you on track.

Our ISO Audit and Gap Analysis can identify any areas where improvement is needed. Having simpleQuE perform these internal audits will result in increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With simpleQuE’s consulting services at your disposal, you will have a quality management system in place that ensures you maintain your ISO certification.

More ways simpleQuE can help:

  • Implement the management review presentation materials and required records
  • Perform internal audits
  • Help with corrective action and finding closure. Both from internal audits and the certification body or from customer issues that have been identified
  • Facilitate and train for a more effective root cause analysis and problem-solving to get to systemic corrective actions and fixes for the business and the company
  • Preparation for outside 3rd party audits
  • Contingency planning
  • Document and record control
  • CAR (Corrective Action Request) tracking and timely closure
  • Continual improvement activities, such as helping to maintain the records and processes

Let Us Perform Your Internal Audit

Continual Improvement for IATF 16949®

Ongoing auditing and evaluation, both of internal operations and external resources, are essential to maintain your certification, ensure customer satisfaction and remain in compliance with all IATF® requirements. The following highlights the components of simpleQuE’s continual improvement process of monitoring and measuring.

  • Internal Audit—Our team will work with you to conduct the periodic internal audits required to maintain your IATF 16949® certification. We can also perform CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) audits.
  • Training— Internal Auditor Training with the Process Audit Approach course fulfills the requirements for competent, knowledgeable and effective internal auditors and includes hands-on development of key processes, audit planning, and hands-on auditing exercises. Our courses can include training on AIAG core tools for auditors.
  • Supplier Risk Management — A supply chain audit measures the performance and reliability of your suppliers, external providers, and outsourced processes, driving supplier development, and allows you to resolve both supplier quality and internal issues more effectively to maintain an efficient quality management system. SimpleQuE can also perform compliance audits to MAQMSR or IATF® of your suppliers using IATF® certified auditors.

Helping Motus Integrated Technologies get certified

“We would highly recommend SimpleQuE to any company that is embarking on or wishing to maintain IATF certification. The transition period from ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949 was a bit overwhelming and confusing. SimpleQuE helped ease the pressure of the transition period by clarifying and assisting in the implementation of the new Standard’s requirements.” – Wanda Miller, Corporate Quality Manager – Motus Integrated Technologies

The simpleQuE Advantage

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Whether you have a management system in place or are just developing one, understanding the requirements and having an experienced consultant or auditor by your side is key. Our team members have third-party auditing experience, industry-related work experience, and firsthand knowledge of what is required to pass a certification assessment and maintain certification.

The experts at simpleQuE can keep you on track with their simple, customized approach – “Quality Excellence Made Simple”.

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