CertSearch – a New IAF Database of Certified Companies

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has created CertSearch – a new global database resource to verify accredited management system certifications.  IAF is the worldwide association of accreditation bodies whose members represent 83 government and semi-government accreditation bodies and industry associations from around the world.  

IAF collects data from 69 Accreditation Bodies and 1,155 Certification Bodies (CBs).  CBs are still in the process of uploading certification information to the CertSearch database, so it is a work in progress.  (As of October 2021 only 31% of ISO 9001 certificates had been uploaded.)


Search by company name or certificate number to verify the certification status.  (Note: IATF 16949® certified companies have IAOB as their oversight organization and are not included in the CertSearch database.)

For example, if you put in simpleQuE, you will see our location, standard(s) in which we are certified (ISO 9001:2015), the Accreditation Body (ANSI National Accreditation Board – ANAB®), and Certification Body – (EAGLE Registrations, Inc.).  You then have the option to click the button: “Verify Certification” which takes you to the confirmation page and provides more information including the Scope of Registration.  SimpleQuE’s scope is – The design and provision of consulting, training and auditing services. 

IAF recommends that if you have concerns with the information provided to contact the relevant Accreditation Body or Certification Body (CB) directly. Should you wish to contact the CB directly, the site makes it easy to email the organization. 

When you sign up, you can also monitor suppliers and IAF will even notify you if a supplier’s certification status changes.

CertSearch also provides links to the following:

IAF is working with QualityTrade to give buyers access to more than 1 million ISO certified companies representing 195 countries and 39 industries, that meet quality and/or environmental or other standards. A supplier can create a profile for their company which lists the types of products or services that are offered. Free or premium plans are available depending on how many members, products and/or services are listed.  Buyers can also set up an account that will enable them to search the database of suppliers.

The video explains more about the free search features and other options offered by IAF. 


SimpleQuE is not associated with the IATF®, IAOB, ANAB®, IAQG®, and is not a certification body. SimpleQuE is an independent consulting, training, and second-party auditing service provider that assists a company on a path to obtain and maintain certification through accredited certification bodies.

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