Conferences, Customers and Connections

The pinnacle of simpleQuE’s core values is our focus on satisfying our customers.  And really, it goes beyond that, to include taking the time to know them and develop relationships that help us to understand their role within their company. When simpleQuE’s staff and consultants attend conferences, it’s not just about professional development and networking. What truly brings us joy, and is the highlight of every conference, is reconnecting with our customers.  Outside of the business setting you get to know them on a personal level, about their families, their interests and backgrounds.  At the ASA AFRA 2023 Conference we leave having forged deeper connections and mutual respect with other ASA and AFRA members and auditors, as well as, these special people who also happen to be our customers. For us, the best gauge of customer satisfaction are their smiles!

Ritchin Sen, Quality Assurance and MRO Manager at AirStart Inc. stops by to see Jim Lee, CEO of simpleQuE

Jim Lee, CEO, simpleQuE welcomes Ruth Jetton, Director of Operations, and Edward Sobota, President of Air Spares Unlimited to simpleQuE’s booth.

Ioanna Padouva, Senior Technical Officer, Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance (RRPF) connects with Jim Lee, CEO, simpleQuE

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