Crisis Management – Risk Management

A crisis often requires outside expertise to help you through the fire. With experience
in recalls, investigations, testing, product liability and communications, we’ve got the
team of experts that can help you put an end to your emergencies or help you prepare
your proactive contingency plans. We have also worked directly for law firms to maintain
attorney-client privilege on the records we generate. Please contact us for custom
pricing based on your specific needs.

Crisis Management and Risk Management Planning

  • Recall Process and Plan Development

  • Establishing processes and methods to respond to both the reality and perception of crises and recalls
  • Contingency Planning
  • Crisis Team
  • Communication Plans
    • Internal
    • Customers
    • Consumers
    • Government agencies
  • Establishing metrics and thresholds to quantify whether you have an unacceptable safety issue, and the triggers that drive next steps
    • Collecting and analyzing data to determine whether there is a safety issue
    • Risk assessment
    • Hazard analysis
    • New product development risks
  • Customer/Consumer complaints

    • Consumer Complaint Retrieval (process evaluation, process improvement, process development, ongoing analysis/trends)
  • Fielding potentially critical issues

  • Recall Plan Optimization – Process Improvement

  • Consulting

Crisis Preparedness

  • Recall Preparedness and Effectiveness Assessment

  • Mock Recall
    • Recall Simulation Exercises developed with the customer
  • Crisis and recall management plan versus:
    • Regulations
    • Documentation and procedures, and industry best practices
    • Communication effectiveness

Crisis Management and Recall Support

  • Crisis Management Consulting

  • Recall & Withdrawal Services (containment, sorting, rework, reporting)

  • Communications/Public Relations

  • Project Management

  • Regulatory timelines
  • Short term containment
  • Long term corrective action
  • Post-crisis

Product Testing

  • Testing with an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab

  • Chemical
  • Microbiological
  • Mechanical
  • Physical
  • Cycle testing
  • Technical advice and recommendations

crisis management – risk management

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