Audit Checklist

ASA-100 Quality Standard and Self-Audit Checklist – FREE

In order to stay certified to ASA-100, your company’s processes need to be routinely evaluated.

ASA provides the ASA-100 Standard which defines the procedures within ASA-100 to assure that aircraft parts distributors can adopt appropriate aerospace practices. In addition, the standard was created to comply with FAA Advisory Circular 00-56.

To assist companies when conducting the required yearly internal audit, ASA has prepared an internal audit checklist.  A company becoming certified to ASA-100 must use the ASA-100 internal audit checklist. The completed checklist must be provided to the auditor prior to the Accreditation Audit.  ASA recommends that all companies continue to use the ASA-100 self-audit checklist but a company can use their own checklist after becoming accredited to ASA-100.

No matter the industry, simpleQuE provides the value you seek in an internal audit checklist. You can use our free sample checklist or hire us to help you develop a full checklist customized for all your processes.

Helping WRWP Get Certified

“simpleQuE has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff of auditors and consultants that ensure their clients receive what they need in the time frame they need it. Each of the three consultants we worked with showed keen analytical acuity, positive project management skills and great flexibility. They came as agreed and developed an understanding of our objectives and expectations, then helped us put both plan and actions into place ensuring we achieved our goals on time. I would definitely recommend simpleQuE for any business wishing to improve their Quality Management system.”

- Eddie Werner, WRWP, LLC