Turtle Diagram

FREE - Turtle Diagram Example For A Sales Process & Blank Template

Our Turtle Diagram is a great way to visually document each of your business' core processes.


Your quality management system is in place to ensure you provide customers with the best possible products and services through efficient and effective processes. A turtle diagram is a great optional tool, and a good method to visually depict your quality management system’s processes.  The standard in clause 4.4 lays out the requirements for the process approach, and the turtle diagram is one of many possible ways to document your compliance with this clause.

SimpleQuE gives a real-world example using a sales process to show how the turtle diagram template can be used and populated.  We also provide a free blank template to input your company's data for each of your core processes. This tool can be used for any standard such as the ISO 9001, IATF 16949®, and AS9100 series.

Please note that turtle diagrams are not intended to be used for management and support processes, only core business processes that depict the value stream of your business.  Everything in clause 8, that begins with sales through to the shipment of your product, or delivery of your service.  These processes are your business’ core processes that the quality management system is interested in, as they fit the model of the process approach and clause 8 of the standard.

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