Earth Day and ISO 14001

Earth Day, a good day to reflect on ISO 14001 and ways organizations can respect the planet by being environmentally responsible. When ISO 14001 was initiated, this standard (for Environmental Management) served as a guide for gauging and monitoring the activities of a company and its impact on the environment. Today, ISO 14001 certification is widely utilized by thousands of organizations around the globe to illustrate to the public and its constituents that it is environmentally responsible. As a result, more and more companies are able to monitor and correct any processes and systems that could be negatively affecting the environment, making the organization more eco-friendly.  Read more about the many benefits of ISO 14001 certification.

On Earth Day, simpleQuE recognizes all the ISO 14001 organizations that are doing their part to be environmentally responsible.  Not only does our planet benefit, but they do as well!  Here are some of our many ISO 14001 clients that we have been proud to work with over the years:  Aisin Light Metals, Allied Motion Technologies, Cincinnati Steel Treating, Dana, Gecom, Janesville, Kay Automotive Graphics, Lauren Manufacturing, Magnode, Richmond Auto Parts Technology, Silberline, Voss Automotive, Wabco (to name just a few).

If your organization is looking to reduce its impact on the environment, contact us to find out how your company can prepare for ISO 14001 certification through simpleQuE’s range of ISO 14001 training and consulting services.

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