SimpleQuE offers WebEx, public, on-line, on-site, and customized training throughout the U.S.

Our on-site classes are the most popular because we utilize your own company’s examples and situations instead of theoretical case studies. Our hands-on approach and qualified instructors make simpleQuE the leading training partner for your training needs.

We believe in experiential learning where you go beyond lecture. We work to incorporate exercises to apply the learning, and use actual workplace examples from your company; thus allowing the students to better learn, absorb and apply their knowledge when they come back to workplace.

We can take our training a step further to help drive behavior change and help drive toward culture change with an optional 50 and 100 day learning plan. This approach holds attendees and their supervisors accountable for setting personal goals applied in 100 days for what they learn in the class. We follow up in 50 and 100 days with the students and their supervisors to ensure that assigned work and outcomes are being met. It’s a method that helps solidify and reinforce the learning that took place.