FastLane Grant Funding Available


Grant Funding Available

Who Is Eligible?

Manufacturing and engineering companies with less than 800 employees in FastLane’s region in west central Ohio, which includes: Shelby, Miami, Darke, Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, and Champaign Counties.

What Will It Cover?

Funding is available for companies who are looking to implement or maintain all ISO, AS, and IATF certifications and can be used for: Training, Gap Analysis, Consulting Services, Internal Audits, and even Certification and Surveillance Audits. For any unpaid bills, the state could pay a portion of your costs with simpleQuE and your certification body. The smaller the company and greater the economic impact, the more the state will pay.


These funds are available now through August 2021 for all events occurring up to that time, but don’t wait!

Where Is The Money Coming From?

FASTLANE is a vital resource for manufacturers. The FASTLANE team of specialized manufacturing and engineering consultants help accelerate manufacturing success, advance innovation, and drive growth through technology acceleration, continuous improvement, workforce development, supply chain optimization, and sustainability. We connect manufacturers to a vast network of affordable resources including expert engineers, scientists, manufacturers, suppliers, and other professionals. FASTLANE is the west-central Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and is located within the University of Dayton Research Institute. The funds for this particular grant are coming from the State of Ohio’s MEP Program.

Why Are We Sharing This Information With You?

SimpleQuE wants your company to be able to afford a sustainable Quality and/or Environmental Management System and we want to put together a customized plan to assist your organization in achieving and maintaining a QMS or EMS. We provide consulting, training, and auditing services for ISO, AS, and IATF. So get your grant and we’ll put you on the path to quality success!

Next Steps


FASTLANE is the regional affiliate of Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), based out of the University of Dayton Research Institute. The good news is that it involves a minimal amount of paperwork!

Complete An Opportunity Assessment

Submit to FASTLANE, and they will notify you of the eligible discount amount.

Download Assessment

Contact simpleQuE

For more information about Gap Analysis, Consulting, Training, Documentation Support, and Internal Audits, contact simpleQuE.  We can even help if you need assistance with filling out the application.  It’s that simple!