IATF 16949® Auditing Videos on YouTube to Answer Your Questions

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YouTube Playlists: IATF 16949® Q&A Videos

To answer your questions on automotive quality management system auditing, The International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have created a YouTube channel that covers important topics from the IATF 16949® standard and rules.  Categories are divided by topics and each has a video that is usually less than 6 minutes long.  To give you an idea of the range of topics, see the examples below with links to the videos. 

Intro To IATF 16949® Video Playlist

Some of the videos cover basic IATF 16949® topics:

IATF 16949® and Audit Video Playlist

The category of IATF 16949® audits has a wide range of videos covering a variety of auditing scenarios How do I… :

IATF 16949® and COVID-19 Q&A Videos

One of the categories – COVID-19 IATF Response covers 21 topics including:

There are additional What is: topics having to do with COVID-19:

And of course, there are more!  With this YouTube channel, IAOB and SMMT have created a really great reference tool for auditors and quality managers who might need a refresher or clarification on a topic.  Click here for the full playlist.

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If you’re not sure your system is up-to-speed, simpleQuE offers certification readiness audits that are performed prior to a surveillance or initial Certification Body (CB) audit to be sure that your quality management system and team are ready. In addition, 2nd party internal audits can be conducted by our experts to be sure your system is maintained to these standards.  Contact us for information about our services and on-site customized training classes for Root Cause Analysis and Problem SolvingProcess OwnershipCore Tools and more.



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