IATF 16949® Automotive Supplier Certification Options including MAQMSR

IATF 16949® Automotive Supplier Certification Options Including MAQMSR

As an option for suppliers, the Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements for Sub-Tier Suppliers (MAQMSR) was released in September 2017 as a possible intermediate step for a supplier’s Quality Management System (QMS) under the authorization of IATF 16949®, Section and Sanctioned Interpretation, SI #8.

Learn more about the steps for MAQMSR compliance in our article – Not Ready for IATF Certification? MAQMSR may be an option. 

SimpleQuE consultants have been assisting companies to understand their options to implement MAQMSR and prepare for ISO 9001:2015 certification with a simple 4-step consulting approach.  The first step consists of a gap analysis to review the current system and match it to the requirements of MAQMSR and ISO 9001, if not already certified.  Next, any gaps found are incorporated into a project plan or action list.  Based on the gaps and level of internal resources, you may opt to manage the project plan to close the gaps or allow one of our simpleQue automotive industry experts to guide you through the process. 

Following completion of the MAQMSR compliance process, one of our IATF® certified auditors can perform the MAQMSR compliance audit (steps 3 and/or 4).  Upon completion of the audit and closing of findings, simpleQuE will issue your company a letter of compliance to MAQMSR that can be shared with potential and current customers.  Certification to ISO 9001 with compliance to MAQMSR will help your company retain current automotive business and increase biding opportunities for new automotive business.

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