IATF 16949® Certifications Worldwide

IATF 16949® Global Certifications Infographic

This simpleQuE infographic shows the distribution of IATF 16949® certifications worldwide by region. as of October 2019  There was a total of 75,970 certified sites, with China holding almost 50% of the global certifications.  China’s high percentage of certifications is due to the country’s mandate for IATF 16949® certification all the way down the supply chain.  The 2nd part of the infographic lists countries with more than 500 IATF 16949:2016 certified sites across the globe.  The United States comes in at 3,882 certified sites and about 5% of the total.

IATF 16949® Certifications Worldwide by Region

North America  –  6,249 Certified Sites  (8.23%)

South and Central America  –  1,458 Certified Sites  (1.93%)

Europe  –  11,522 Certified Sites  (15.3%)

Middle East  –  1,734 Certified Sites  (2.28%)

Africa  –  540 Certified Sites  (0.71%)

Asia Pacific  –  54,430 Certified Sites  (71.65%)

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If you’re searching for an IATF 16949:2016 consultant, our team at simpleQuE is well-positioned to support your IATF 16949® and MAQMSR consulting (Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements), certification, maintenance, training, and internal auditing needs. Our consultants are qualified, certified, competent, and are experts on the automotive standards, customer-specific requirements, and AIAG or VDA core tools. In addition, many are current or former 3rd party auditors who bring valuable insight because of the knowledge gained from auditing for certification bodies.

SimpleQuE also offers a full line-up of IATF 16949® training courses which includes AIAG and VDA Core Tools, Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving, Requirements, and Implementation.  With the IATF® also putting a major focus on internal auditor competency, it is essential to have IATF 16949® Internal Auditor Training. Our IATF 16949® auditor training utilizes the process audit approach. Contact us to learn more about the customized services offered to match your certification and training needs.

SimpleQuE is not associated with the IATF®, IAOB, ANAB®, IAQG®, and is not a certification body. SimpleQuE is an independent consulting, training, and second-party auditing service provider that assists a company on a path for the company to obtain and maintain certification through accredited certification bodies.

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