ISO 17025 Consulting Training and Auditing


We are the best in the industries we serve, with an emphasis on testing laboratories seeking ISO 17025 accreditation, as well as calibration labs.

Our founder is a former co-owner of ACLASS, now owned by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board), and still sits on their Accreditation Council and chairs the testing subcommittee. Our team of laboratory experts perform ISO 17025 accreditation audits for all the US accreditation bodies, in addition to consulting. It doesn’t matter who you select as your accreditation body, we understand each of their unique requirements and can help you attain and maintain your lab accreditation.

Headquartered in Ohio with many of our staff and subcontractors throughout the US, we are well positioned to support your ISO 17025 consulting, accreditation, maintenance, training and internal audit needs.

As a former co-owner of and ISO 17025 accreditation body, our founder had to train and develop auditors to the laboratory requirements, and develop methods for determining and training auditors to pass competency evaluations.  This experience supplemented our industry work experience and auditing of many laboratories to take the best practices and develop ISO 17025 training with a hands-on approach to help our clients best understand how to implement, utilize and maintain ISO 17025 and accreditation body unique requirements.

Keeping on top of ever changing Industry and accreditation body unique requirements is critical to ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, but also to your consultants.  Our staff and subcontractors have an extensive on-boarding process, and on a continual basis we require retraining and testing to ensure that subcontractors are aware of new laboratory and industry requirements and can consult and audit to the changing requirements for our clients.

Some clients are concerned about their consultant’s experience in their specific industry or laboratory sector, with just ISO 17025 expertise not being good enough.  We are a medium sized consulting company and our staff and subcontractors have extensive experience in running laboratories and auditing for accreditation bodies.  90% of our competition are 1-person shops who don’t have the level of expertise and resources we can provide.  Contact us to see if we have the talent to support your needs.

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