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"The help and assistance provided by simpleQuE was instrumental in making our surveillance and transition audit to AS9100:2016 happen. The support we received during the Gap Analysis and our internal audit prior to the registrar audit positioned us to be successful."

– Keith R. Johnson, Quality Engineer, ArgonST (Boeing) 

"We would highly recommend SimpleQue to any company that is embarking on or wishing to maintain IATF® certification. The transition period from ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949® was a bit overwhelming and confusing. SimpleQuE helped ease the pressure of the transition period by clarifying and assisting in the implementation of the new Standard’s requirements."

– Wanda Miller, Corporate Quality Manager – Motus Integrated Technologies

"Excellent Gap Analysis, each department knew where their weakness and strengths were. Erin did an excellent job in explaining not just the 'What's' but more importantly the 'Why's' of IATF 16949®. Very knowledgeable, down to earth, excellent consultant!"

– Rob Cox, Asst. Corp. Quality Manager, ADVICS - NA 

"Certification has further strengthened our industry leadership position by achieving this accomplishment and, Arrowhead Industries looks forward to enhancing our customer relationship and overall performance. The consultant’s experience with the new standards and requirements was the most valuable part of simpleQuE’s consulting services."

– Pat Cramer, Arrowhead Industries Corp. 

"simpleQuE developed an understanding of our objectives and expectations then helped us put both plan and actions into place ensuring we achieved our goals on time. I would definitely recommend simpleQuE for any business wishing to improve their Quality Management system."

– Eddie Werner, Quality Manager – Western Reserve Wire Products (WRWP) 

simpleQuE a Top ISO, IATF, AS Certification Consulting Company

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