Innovators Who Changed The World With Standards

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Think of all the important advances that have taken place in the last 100 years and they all began with unique individuals who had vision. Whether a scientist, an inventor, or just an inquisitive person, each decided to approach a problem in a new way.  And in doing so they opened the doors to new technology and advancements. Here are three innovators who have rewritten the world of quality and innovation:

André Borschberg
Energy never disappears; it just changes form. This physics principle was a founding driver for Borschberg when he decided to create an airplane that could change the sun’s energy into aerial propulsion. The idea of harnessing the sun’s energy wasn’t new; solar energy was already being used for electricity. However, Borschberg was able to create a new human record by flying a plane powered just by the sun’s captured energy. And he credits aerospace standards for giving Borschberg’s team the ability to make an experimental flying concept possible.

Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai
For decades, those paralyzed from the waist down, have relied on wheelchairs for mobility.  However, Sankai and his team have been instrumental in creating robot suits that can support and enhance body functions. And that has changed the world of paraplegics by allowing them to accomplish activities not possible before. Most importantly, Sankai notes that without standards, Cyberdyne would not have been able to develop and launch its robotic creations.

Naty Barak
Creating a way to make water go farther where it’s a rare, valuable commodity is key to growing more crops. For areas with desert and arid conditions, a way to make water stretch farther via new irrigation methods is critical. Barak created a system that applies water directly to the plant’s roots optimizing water usage and lessening impact on the environment. The means of mass-producing this method of irrigation only happened via standards in Barak’s view.

These three innovators are among a number of creators who are changing the world in a variety of ways. But one thing they all have in common is the use of standards to ensure quality and achieve their uncommon goals. Connect with SimpleQue to find out more about quality and environmental management system standards and how they can improve your organization.

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