Is It Difficult To Get ISO 9001 Certification?

Is it difficult to get ISO 9001 certification? That depends on the QMS (quality management system) you currently have in place and how committed your team is to bridge any gaps between your system and the requirements of the standard.  It is possible to simplify ISO implementation by integrating simple solutions that fit into your company’s culture.  And don’t forget that after achieving ISO, AS, IATF® or any type of quality system certification, you’ll want to keep that system robust and sustainable. It’s also important to realize that the benefits of ISO certification are worth the initial bumps or turbulence.

Getting The ISO Certification

Here are some of the variables to consider that will influence the degree of difficulty:

  • What is your company’s motivation for achieving ISO 9001 certification?
  • Do you have the time and resources to get your company ready for certification?
  • The timeframe – is it realistic or crunch time?
  • How do your current processes and systems compare to the requirements of the standard?
  • What is your company’s culture? (Is your team fully behind this effort?)
  • What are the potential roadblocks and risks?

Considering The ISO Certification

So if you’re considering certification and are not sure where to begin, contact a consulting firm that has experts in the area of certification that you’re seeking.  SimpleQuE offers a free half-hour phone consultation to ask you these types of questions and give you some guidance. And of course, we also answer your questions.

ISO Certification: Where To Start

If you have a more mature quality management system, you may want to utilize a gap checklist to do an analysis of your system.   If your company is more in the beginning phase and needs help to identify processes and implement a system, then you should consider having a consultant (like simpleQuE) do a gap analysis.  This can usually be completed in one day and results in an action plan that functions as a road map for each task that needs to be accomplished. It takes into account your timing expectations based on the available resources.

ISO Certification Consulting Services

Our objective is customer satisfaction and to make implementation simple – we help identify where your company is already in compliance and target only those areas that need work.  Part of our job with the gap assessment is to educate you on how you already comply with the systems you have.  We also offer a helpful free Detailed Guide to ISO 9001 Certification.

Whether it’s ISO, AS, IATF®, or one of the many quality standards, becoming certified doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember that “simple” is part of our name: simpleQuE – Quality Excellence made simple. Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.


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