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ISO 9001 Gap Analysis from simpleQuE

At simpleQuE, we understand that every company’s situation is unique. Some are starting from the ground up when it comes to ISO 9001 certification, while others already have some systems in place.

This is why we perform an ISO 9001 gap analysis at the beginning of the implementation process (although we also perform it later as a pre-assessment or readiness audit prior to certification). This gap assessment accomplishes a number of things, including the identification of areas in which your company is already in compliance. This allows the consultants at simpleQuE to target the areas that do need work and focus their efforts on improving them.

Utilizing ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

The result of our gap assessment acts as a road map for each task that needs to be accomplished. It acts as a great project management tool, as it assesses your own timing expectations based on the resources available.

Additionally, using our ISO 9001 gap analysis as a pre-assessment tool or readiness audit rather than a certification body’s allows our experts to coach and consult when problems are found.

Our clients will also use the gap analysis as internal audit evidence, and simpleQuE will meet with your management team to share the results of the gap assessment. Choosing to go through the certification body or registrar auditors limits the benefits of gap analysis, as they cannot consult your business on areas for improvement and the audit itself cannot count as an internal audit for certification.

Learn More about simpleQuE’s ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

Gap assessment is one of the many tools we use to support and improve the companies we work with. The results of this particular analysis will provide you with everything needed to get projects done on time and to improve your company’s overall processes.

To learn more about our ISO 9001 gap analysis, please contact simpleQuE today.