IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Changes


The new IATF 16949:2016 is being written to follow the new ISO 9001:2015 changes and is targeted to be released by the 4th quarter of 2016. Certified companies must upgrade to the new standard no later than September 14, 2018, so the time frame to upgrade will only be two years.  This is in line with the expiration of ISO 9001:2008 per the IAF guide ID9.

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has reviewed feedback received from the stakeholder survey (responses received from automotive OEMs, TS suppliers, and Certification Bodies). A committee working draft has been created, which includes input from the stakeholder survey and common OEM customer specific requirements, and incorporates the ISO 9001:2015 structure and content.

The IATF has released some information as they work on blending TS with ISO 9001:2015, and have published some Sanctioned Interpretations and FAQ’s to the TS Rules. Here are some relevant ones.


  • Sanctioned Interpretation #12 related to Rule 5.8 states that plans must be in place to ensure key performance objectives/targets are met for each of the processes identified on the client’s process map in the quality manual, and that corrective action plans are in place when objectives are not being met. A major nonconformance must be issued by the certification body if no action plan is in place, or if the action plan is not implemented in a timely manner, and/or the completed actions were found not to be effectively implemented.


  • Sanctioned Interpretation #13 deals with the historical requirement that every manufacturing site must maintain its own TS certificate. After April 1, 2016 the IATF will once again allow a corporate certification scheme.  Your certification body may or may not inform you of this possibility as a corporate certification scheme is less cost than stand-alone certificates.

There has been a lot of activity on changing customer specific requirements. Here are some of the recent changes you may need to know about.

  • Chrysler (FCA) 12/4/15
  • Ford 11/1/15
  • GM July 2015
  • Delphi 12/1/15

You can obtain these customer specific requirements from http://www.iatfglobaloversight.org/.

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