ITI Engineering – an AS9100 Certification Case Study

ITI Engineering recognized by simpleQuE for AS9100 certification

ITI Engineering recognized by simpleQuE’s CEO, Jim Lee, for AS9100 certification and their dedication to quality.

ITI Engineering – The challenges and solutions to attaining and maintaining AS9100 certification

ITI Engineering is AS9100 certified and specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative software, hardware and engineering solutions to support aerospace training, mission planning, debrief and maintenance. When ITI was founded in 2003 it was a small company of 12 employees that provided software engineering services. The company has now grown to over 70 employees at 2 sites, with a third site and over 30 new employees added in 2023.

ITI Engineering Case Study AS9100 Winter Springs FL

What was their challenge?

In order to continually improve their services, products, processes and quality system, ITI had to evolve while embracing opportunities and weighing the risks.  In this case study, we explore the impact of the growth of the company as it evolved from a small management team with no quality manager and only classroom knowledge of AS9100, to having dedicated functional managers and a robust quality management system (QMS).  As ITI Engineering was preparing for AS9100 certification, their stage one audit revealed the need for outside AS9100 consulting expertise, and simpleQuE was selected to work with their team.

Finding the right solution

ITI needed a consultant that was knowledgeable and fully understood the requirements of the standard to pass their stage 2 certification audit. Over the last six years, simpleQuE has provided consulting and training, and performed quarterly internal audits.  Through all the changes experienced by ITI, those audits provided the ability and awareness to proactively plan periodic course corrections for the QMS.  

When a new international customer required a safety management system, simpleQuE was there to provide solutions.  When other customers required AS9145 (APQP and PPAP), AS9146 (Foreign Object Damage Prevention), AS5553 and AS6174 (Counterfeit Parts and Material Prevention), simpleQuE was able to provide the consulting support to help implement systems and processes for compliance. “From a consultant standpoint, all the work that you helped guide us through -documentation, procedures, the quality manual – there’s so much documentation and you’ve really helped us manage that,” said Caity Ayers, Quality Manager. 

Achieving success

Joe Marsh, Senior Production Manager sums it up, “From registrars, customers, the new owners, L3Harris, and the Lockheed Martin auditors, everyone’s been impressed with our quality system, it’s not what they expect from a small company like ours.”

For an in-depth look at the problems faced, the solutions implemented, and the strong measurable results, read the entire case study on ITI Engineering maintaining AS9100 certification.

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