Ken-tron Manufacturing – An ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification Case Study

Ken-tron Manufacturing, Inc. – The challenges and solutions to maintaining ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification

Ken-tron Manufacturing provides metal stampings, wire forms and high-quality drawn wire to companies in various industries around the world. In 1995 the company received ISO 9001 certification, and achieved AS9100 certification in 2005 to meet the international quality standards of their aerospace customers.  In the case study, learn how Ken-tron’s quality systems have evolved over the years, the challenges they faced and the solutions to address them. 

What Was Their Challenge?

Ken-tron was not confident in their ability to complete their audits and the issues they uncovered. They knew they had to outsource their internal audits, but when they hired a 2nd party auditor, he did not specialize in AS9100. Then, Ken-tron turned to simpleQuE.

Finding The Right Solution

After Ken-tron’s first meeting and audit with simpleQuE, they felt confident that they would maintain ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification. SimpleQuE’s auditors’ aerospace industry experience, eye for detail, process-oriented approach and respect for Ken-tron’s employees were all benefits of working with simpleQuE.

Achieving Success

Ken-tron’s scrap rate declined as a result of simpleQuE’s auditors’ probing questions and knowledge of streamlining processes. In addition, SimpleQuE helped the company with a process FMEA and control plan (AS9145) that identified and managed risks using APQP tools. Ken-tron’s ongoing relationship with simpleQuE is built on the trust that simpleQuE stays on top of the industry requirements and changes, giving peace of mind to Ken-tron’s management. 

In the case study, learn how Ken-Tron’s quality systems have evolved over the years, the challenges they faced and the solutions to address them.

Read the entire case study on Ken-tron maintaining ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification.

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