Qualities of an Internal Auditor

The Mind Of An ISO Auditor by simpleQuE


To conduct an effective audit, an internal auditor should have these essential qualities and follow some basic auditing principals.

Auditing Principles:

  • Ethical conduct
  • Fair presentation
  • Due professional care
  • Independence
  • Process approach

Qualities of an internal auditor:

  • Ethical – fairness, sincerity, and honesty
  • Open-minded – willing to consider alternative ideas
  • Observant – actively observing surroundings
  • Versatile – able to adopt to different situations
  • Detail oriented – persistent and focused on objectives
  • Decisiveness – able to reach timely conclusion based on analysis
  • Self-reliance – able to act independently while working with others
  • Cultural awareness – understand business culture and respect others
  • Collaboration – effectively interact with team members
  • Communication – able to easily express opinions and give concise reports

A well-planned, conducted, and reported internal audit would allow the QMS (Quality Management System)  to continually improve and provide evidence of compliance to the ISO requirements, as well as provide verification of the effectiveness of a company’s processes and practices.

A good resource for ISO internal auditors is the ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines to Auditing Management Systems.  SimpleQuE also provides helpful auditing tools, checklists, templates and free resources.

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