SimpleQuE attends ASA AFRA 2023 Conference and Aviation Suppliers Association’s 30th Anniversary

In 2023, the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) celebrates 30 years of serving its members, leading the way in promoting and advocating for the aviation distribution community. Their 776 global members consist of distributors, suppliers, surplus sales organizations, repair stations, manufacturers, airlines, and other companies that provide services to the aviation parts supply industry. ASA also plays an important role in collaborating with governments and industry groups to improve regulations, laws, best practices and standards in aircraft parts distribution. This not-for-profit trade association keeps its members up-to-speed on changes in aviation, bringing insights to business challenges through events, quality committee meetings, webinars, workshops and the annual conference. 

The 2023 Aviation Suppliers Assn. (ASA)/Aircraft Fleet Recycling Assn. (AFRA) Conference takes place June 4 – 6, in Orlando, Florida. This annual conference is one of the largest for the aviation distribution and recycling organizations and draws aviation professionals worldwide. SimpleQuE is honored to have been a partner and member of ASA for eight years and to have representatives attending the conference and celebrating ASA’s 30th anniversary!  SimpleQuE is also grateful to have been nominated for ASA’s Business Champion Award.  In addition, simpleQuE will be an exhibitor, so if you are attending, please stop by.

Also attending is an A-list of aviation professionals representing the FAA, Delta Airlines, The Boeing Company, Southwest Airlines, and Bloomberg Intelligence, to share industry updates and insights. Each year ASA AFRA provides attendees with a range of business development, management, quality assurance, regulatory and current topics of interest to members. This year there are 16 Workshops covering: leadership, Digital Automation, Export Compliance, Interaction of Processes and KPIs, AFRA Research & Development, Internal Audit Pitfalls, Documentation Requirements, and more.

Note:  Since 1996 ASA has conducted audits resulting in more than 545 companies achieving accreditation to ASA-100 and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56. Additionally, the ASA Certification Body (ASACB) is an ANAB accredited provider of management system registrations to ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120. 

Free resources

Presentations by Jim Lee from previous ASA conferences are available on simpleQuE’s Downloads and Checklists page. ASA also provides the ASA-100 Standard and Self Audit Checklist as free resources.

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