SimpleQuE Attends NQAs Teaming Conference

IMG_0061SimpleQuE’s program manager, Shirley Kennedy is attending NQA’s teaming conference in Orlando, FL. Today’s session imparts an indepth understanding of the Automotive Standard, IATF 16949:2016 with a clause-by-clause review so simpleQuE can share the latest information from NQA’s experts. According to Steve Barnes, Aerospace and Automotive Operations Manager, transitioning to the new standard will take some time as there are more than 200 changes, some of which are significant.

“NQA offers a series of in depth training sessions for consultants and auditors that provide a foundation to support their clients across a variety of standards, including IATF 16949”, says Christi Friedrichs, Director of Business Development at NQA. “We bring consultants and auditors in from around the world to provide a global venue of experiences, lessons learned, and important information regarding changes and transitions within the standards. These interactive sessions provide not only the latest information, but also an environment for attendees to share experiences across industry sectors”, she said.

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