SimpleQuE Celebrates 18 Years of Quality Excellence!

SimpleQuE 18 year anniversary

If you consider that only 25% of businesses are able to survive 15 years or more, it becomes apparent why simpleQuE has so many reasons to celebrate 18 years of providing its clients with quality excellence. When Jim Lee, CEO, founded simpleQuE in 2005, he wanted the name to represent his vision for the company. And that is what simpleQuE stands for – Quality Excellence Made Simple. That vision is now practiced by the 7 office staff and 30 consultants from across the country who use this approach to attain and maintain client satisfaction and success. 

Jim reflects on how simpleQuE has grown, "As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, I am proud of the journey we have taken as a company. From our humble beginnings to being recognized as one of the top 10 aerospace and defense consulting firms, it's been a remarkable journey. Our success has been driven by a clear vision and a commitment to building a team of experts who are passionate about delivering the highest quality management system consulting, training and internal audit services. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and environmental markets for many more years to come."

In September of 2022, with continued growth anticipated, Deanne Sparr was promoted from Executive VP/COO to President of simpleQuE to take the company to the next level. Deanne shares her view of simpleQuE’s bright future, “With multiple management system standards set to be revised in the next few years, simpleQuE is well positioned to continue to provide the trusted support our clients rely on. Thanks to our team of industry-leading consultants who are experienced at keeping things simple yet effective, our clients are well-prepared to get the best value from their management systems. Being part of this incredible partnership fills me with immense gratitude and I’m optimistic about the future as we navigate these changes together.”

SimpleQuE is an industry leader in ISO-based automotive (IATF 16949®, CQI, VDA), aerospace (AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, ASA-100, AS13100, AS9145, AS9003) and manufacturing (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) quality management system consulting, internal auditing, and training – providing simple, effective, and customized solutions. SimpleQuE’s team of experts has guided more than 1000 organizations toward successfully implementing and maintaining effective quality and environmental management systems. 

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