SimpleQuE Celebrates 19 Years of Excellence in ISO-based Standards Consultancy

Celebrating 19 years of Quality Excellence!

As simpleQuE proudly celebrates its 19th anniversary, the company reflects on nearly two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence in ISO-based standards consultancy. Founded with a vision to provide expertise and support to clients navigating the complex landscape of quality management systems, simpleQuE has emerged as a trusted partner for organizations across diverse industries.

“We are thrilled to mark this significant milestone in our journey,” said Jim Lee, Founder and CEO of simpleQuE. “Over the years, we have remained steadfast in our dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients, guided by our core principles of expertise, practicality for our customers’ unique cultures, efficiency, and truthfulness.”

At the heart of simpleQuE’s success lies its deep-rooted expertise in ISO-based standards, particularly within the aerospace and defense sectors. Recognized as a top 10 aerospace and defense consultant by Aerospace and Defense Review magazine, the company’s commitment to specialization has earned the trust of clients seeking unparalleled proficiency in quality management systems.

2024 also marks another milestone, the 10-year anniversary for Deanne Sparr, President, who joined simpleQuE and has been instrumental in growing the company to reach a new level of excellence. “Our clients trust us because we focus on their needs while keeping things simple, effective and efficient,” explains Deanne. “We understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we customize our approach to help our clients make a difference in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and service industries.  We are truly grateful for our client partnerships that return to us year after year for their internal audits and for guidance when there are training needs or standard changes.”

As simpleQuE looks ahead to the future, the company remains committed to its core mission of enabling clients to thrive in an ever-changing environment and providing simple, effective management solutions that make certification obtainable and sustainable. Embedded in the name is what simpleQuE stands for – “Quality Excellence Made Simple”. 

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