SimpleQuE Spotlight – Shirley Kennedy

20151107_144826 (2)It’s a new year and with it comes our latest simpleQuE Spotlight.  This month we are shining the light on simpleQuE Program and Marketing Manager, Shirley Kennedy. Shirley has had a successful career in a variety of roles, all of which have revolved around one simple word, service.  Here’s a look at our spotlight conversation with Shirley.

  1. Thinking back over your career, what is the professional accomplishment you are most proud of achieving and why?
    I have been very fortunate to have had diverse opportunities throughout my career.  I’ve worked with students, colleges, businesses, non-profits and clients providing a service, whether it was fundraising for scholarships or zoo conservation projects; training students and executives; or sending voting ballots to our military overseas. I’ve provided a benefit to others and that’s something to be proud of.
  1. Client satisfaction is pinnacle to your background. What are your client-focused approaches to simpleQuE?
    At simpleQuE we provide a client centered approach. Time is valuable to our clients so when we begin working on a project, we coordinate the most efficient and cost effective process for them to work with our consultants, providing the right amount of time and expertise needed.
  2. What advice would you give to a new college graduate entering the technology industry?
    Technology is the way to go!  There is such a need for individuals in the areas of engineering, computer science, electronics, etc.  With the innovations in software, automation and technology, companies and manufacturers are seeking employees who have high tech skills and the income potential is very good with many opportunities for advancement. Always seek to improve your skills and learn new things and you’ll go far in life.
  1. Explain how simpleQuE is different from their competition.
    SimpleQuE is ISO 9001:2015 certified so we practice what we preach.  We have experts in the fields of aerospace, automotive, laboratory, manufacturing, environmental and safety.  We qualify our consultants to be sure they are at the forefront of their area/industry and are current on the standards in their field of expertise.
  1. Where do you see simpleQuE in the next five years?
    We have put into place the resources, systems and staff to grow as we anticipate the changes in standards to reverberate through many industries and organizations that will need consulting, auditing and training.  We’ll be ready for exponential growth.
  1. How would other people describe you in three words?
    In an overall sense, I would say “Leader of the pack”.  Being the oldest of six children has prepared me to manage and coordinate multiple groups of people and provided an innate quality that has served me well in my business career. But others would probably describe me as dedicated, organized and creative – qualities that I put to use in my personal life and at simpleQuE.

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