SimpleQuE Weighs In On Key Changes To ISO 14001:2015

With the ISO 14001:2015 FDIS set to release this week, it’s important to stay up-to-date on how the new standard will affect your business. Below are a few of the key changes in store. Contact the simpleQuE team to learn more and get help with implementation.

Key changes include:

The new standard has ten clauses instead of the previous 4, following the new Annex SL layout for all management standards for harmonization.

There is an increased prominence of environmental management within the company’s strategic planning process.

There is a greater responsibility with leadership of the organization.

There is an addition of proactive initiatives to protect the environment from harm and degradation.

There is an addition to improve environmental performance

There is a requirement for lifecycle thinking when considering environmental aspects.

There is a requirement for a communications strategy.

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