Space Coast Women in Defense Awards

At simpleQuE, we understand and believe in the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as it is everywhere in our information-based and high-tech society.  These four cornerstones of knowledge shape our everyday experiences and even make the extraordinary possible; from talking on a cell phone to launching rockets into space.  Therefore we are especially honored to sponsor the upcoming Anniversary and Awards Reception for STEM Innovation hosted by the Space Coast Women In Defense (SCWID) to be held Thursday, January 28th.

scwidSCWID is a non-profit professional networking and development organization for women and men across Florida’s Space Coast who contribute to national defense and security. It is a chapter of Women in Defense whose mission is to foster education in the STEM fields in order to increase education before and during college. SCWID’s STEM Education Council strives to connect STEM needs with STEM resources from its partners including local industry, colleges and universities, civic leaders, parents, and students.

“Our association with SCWID not only promotes the areas and industries that simpleQuE currently serves, but the alliance strengthens our company’s resolve to continue to support STEM initiatives,” stated Jim Lee, President.  “While parents and teachers have an important role in encouraging students to study one or more of the STEM fields, companies also have an obligation and should create opportunities to engage and mentor young people so they’re excited about seeking advanced schooling.  Not only will it be beneficial to their future, it will be beneficial to the future of our industries.”

This year’s awards will be given to STEM innovators for their outstanding contributions.  Honorees include:

STEM Leadership Star of the Year: Mike Freeman

STEM Educator of the Year: Charles Parker

STEM Mentor of the Year: Nathan Pell

STEM Business Innovator of the Year: Harris Corporation

STEM Non-profit Innovator of the Year: National Space Club, Florida Committee

These influential teachers, mentors and organizations have impacted the lives of many Space Coast students of all ages, inspiring and expanding the interest and exploration of STEM fields.  simpleQuE is proud to sponsor this event which recognizes these innovators and the members of SCWID.  Congratulations and thank you for your dedication!

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