SpaceCom 2022 – Off-Planet for the Planet


On January 10-13, SpaceCom 2022, the Global Commercial Space Conference and Exhibition, is taking place in Orlando, Florida with Jim Lee, President of simpleQuE in attendance. SpaceCom mobilizes space professionals who are creating the solutions and technologies that power off-planet commercialization and on-planet applications to enhance our planet and humankind. 

Bob Cabana – NASA Associate Administrator – Keynote at SpaceCom 2022

Jim sat next to Bob Cabana, Associate Administrator of NASA, prior to Bob’s keynote presentation where he shared, “We’re going to the moon this year,” with unmanned lunar payloads to plan for a 2025 crew landing and living on the moon.  All of this is in preparation for man’s journey to Mars.

Exciting news as this opens up many opportunities for suppliers to the space industry, especially those who are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.  SpaceCom is the place for exhibitors and attendees to network and to learn about topics like: Opening the Low Earth Orbit Economy; Spaceports Around the Nation; What’s Next? Venus and Beyond.  See the SpaceCom schedule for the full list.

Jim Lee – SpaceCom 2022

Jim even signed a postcard from Blue Origin that will go into space and be sent back to you or whoever you address it to (in this case, his grandson), to actually have something that went into space.  Just another way to bring the reality of space travel into our homes.

In 2020 and 2021 there was a total of 62 launches from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and Kennedy Space Center. The annual launch rate is projected to increase to nearly 100 by 2030.  Globally there were approximately 133 successful launches in 2021.  According to Ars Technica, the number of global launch attempts has doubled during the last decade.  Prior to that, from 2000 to 2010, government and commercial operators launched fewer than 70 orbital rockets a year.

SpaceCom promotes the growth and development of the commercial space industry, space exploration, and spaceports throughout the world. This event is developed in partnership with the 48th Spaceport Summit (formerly Space Congress) and produced by the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) in partnership with the NASA-Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

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