Spotlight on SimpleQuE: Jill Bertsch


This month, we shine our spotlight on our sales manager, Jill Bertsch. Jill is well-known for the exceptional relationships she builds with her customers and has been a strong leader in our sales department for over three years.

1.Thinking back over your career, what is the professional accomplishment you are most proud of achieving and why?
Professional accomplishments are often achieved thru someone that believes in you and that officially or unofficially becomes your mentor. One mentor offered me the opportunity to manage a group of peers that supplied customer premise equipment to a large sales organization.  Accepting the opportunity was one of my more rewarding and challenging journeys.  Our team took some unconventional approaches to our goals and subsequently led the country for several years in metrics and customer satisfaction (internal customers can be brutal at times) and had fun doing it.  There were challenges, but as my mentor would always say…” If you are not the lead dog, the view never changes…” Our team always had a wonderful view.  The ultimate compliments were those that would call and wanted to know how we did it.   

2.Client satisfaction is pinnacle to your background. What are your client-focused approaches to simpleQuE?
You said it – “Client focused” You don’t have success if you aren’t upfront, personable, honest and engaging with customers.  When you build a trusted and strong relationship with customers, the rest will come. 

3.What advice would you give to a new college graduate entering the technology industry?
Technology or not, know that success and respect are not given; they are earned.  Work hard, play hard, be passionate about what you do, Communicate – not through a keyboard, but with human interaction. Lastly, never compromise your integrity, do the right thing and always pay it forward. 

4.How simpleQuE is different from their competition.
We take the complex and make it simple.  We are not a “one person” shop.  We don’t sell “canned” solutions to your situation.  We like what we do and quite frankly, we are darn good at it.

5.Where do you see simpleQuE in the next five years?
In five years, simpleQuE will be simpleQuE, just bigger and better.  We will continue to embrace our mission statement, challenge each other, employ quality talent, take care of our customers and deliver customized solutions and services.  The difference will be more offices, more customers and ultimate brand recognition across the industry.  Everyday, we plan for the future.

6.How would other people describe you in three words?
Honest – don’t ask if you don’t want to know.
Balanced – The sooner you learn it, embrace it and accept it, the better off you will be.  I’m still learning and working on each one. Faith. Self. Family.  Work.
Trusted – “… Just trust me on that one…”

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