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What is AS9120?

The AS9120 standard defines specific quality management system requirements for suppliers and distributors that provide components to the supply chain that manufactures products for the Aerospace and Defense Industries. AS9120 is based on AS9100 with specific requirements relevant to stockists or pass-through distributors.

Achieving AS9120 certification is an important step for distributors, as it emphasizes part traceability while proving a dedication to quality and customers. Whether you have a management system in place or are just developing one, understanding the requirements and having an experienced consultant by your side is key.

Our certified auditors, many having 3rd party auditing experience and first-hand knowledge of what is required to pass an AS9120 certification assessment, which adds value and simplifies the internal auditing process for your business.

Prepare for AS9120 Certification

SimpleQuE’s customized approach begins with a gap analysis, then defines an action plan to prepare you for certification and, more importantly, a maintainable management system.

Benefits of AS9120 Certification

When properly implemented, AS9120 Certification creates a more efficient, effective operation for a company, improving employee awareness and motivation and increasing customer satisfaction.

Maintaining Your AS9120 Certification

SimpleQuE can help with internal audits, customized training, and consulting resources for your quality management system.

Continual Improvement for AS9120

SimpleQuE’s continual improvement process assists your company with ongoing internal auditing for effectiveness and efficiency.

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