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Minimize Risk with a Supply Chain Audit from simpleQuE

SimpleQuE offers a wide variety of services to its clients, including supply chain audits and supplier assessment. With years of auditing expertise and global supplier quality resources with proven industry experience, we have been able to perform many kinds of supplier and corporate audits.

Our supply chain audit experts come from Fortune 100 companies, which gives us the expertise needed to both evaluate and manage your company’s supplier risks.

What Goes into Our Supply Chain Audit?

More than anything, we offer exceptional value in our supplier assessment services. Some of the aspects of our supply chain audits include:

  • Problematic supplier assessments
  • Sourcing evaluations
  • Ongoing supply chain strategy assessments and audits
  • Ongoing risk management of the supply chain
  • Corporate quality audits
  • Assistance in the monitoring and closeout of corrective actions
  • Improving your company’s measures of effectiveness
  • Overall supply chain risk analysis and more

Our supply chain audits go beyond even these comprehensive services. They also include safety, performance, environmental, social responsibility, ethics, risk and hazard analysis, resource capabilities, capacity, technical competency, new product development capabilities, financial stability and more.

Learn More about Our Supply Chain Audits

Supplier assessment is all about proactively minimizing risks versus reactive firefighting. It is much more to your advantage to identify risks immediately and take care of them through an effective, cost-saving approach rather than waiting for a problematic supplier to become a much bigger headache to your entire company.

To learn more about our supply chain audit services, please contact simpleQuE today.